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 Origin of the Guild Name

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PostSubject: Origin of the Guild Name   Origin of the Guild Name Icon_minitimeMon Jun 21, 2010 6:33 pm

The name is taken from Goethe's Faust. It comes in two parts. Part one Synopsis is here:

It takes place in multiple settings, the first of which is heaven. Mephistopheles makes a bet with God: he says that he can deflect God's favourite human being (Faust), who is striving to learn everything that can be known, away from righteous pursuits. The next scene takes place in Faust's study where Faust, despairing at the vanity of scientific, humanitarian and religious learning, turns to magic for the showering of infinite knowledge. He suspects, however, that his attempts are failing. Frustrated, he ponders suicide, but rejects it as he hears the echo of nearby Easter celebrations begin. He goes for a walk with his assistant Wagner and is followed home by a stray poodle (the term then meant a medium-to-big-size dog, similar to a sheep dog).

In Faust's study, the poodle transforms into the devil (Mephistopheles). Faust makes an arrangement with the devil: the devil will do everything that Faust wants while he is here on Earth, and in exchange Faust will serve the devil in Hell. Faust's arrangement is that if during the time while Mephistopheles is serving Faust, Faust is so pleased with anything the devil gives him that he wants to stay in that moment forever, he will die in that instant.

When the devil tells Faust to sign the pact with blood, Faust complains that the devil does not trust Faust's word of honor. In the end, Mephistopheles wins the argument and Faust signs the contract with a drop of his own blood. Faust has a few excursions and then meets Margaret (also known as Gretchen). He is attracted to her and with jewelry and help from a neighbor, Marthe, the devil draws Gretchen into Faust's arms. Faust seduces Gretchen and they sleep together. Gretchen's mother dies from a sleeping potion, administered by Gretchen to obtain privacy so that Faust could visit her. Gretchen discovers she is pregnant. Gretchen's brother condemns Faust, challenges him and falls dead at the hands of Faust and Mephistopheles. Gretchen drowns her illegitimate child and is convicted of the murder. Faust tries to save Gretchen from death by attempting to free her from prison. Finding that they cannot free her, Faust and the devil flee the dungeon, while voices from Heaven announce that Gretchen shall be saved.

Part two is here, which is why I chose the meaning of the Guild Name:

The first Act sees Mephistopheles saving the imperial finances of the Emperor — and so the German empire — by introducing the use of paper money. Amidst the ensuing celebrations, Faust enters the "realm of the mothers" — variously described as the depths of the psyche or the womb — in order to bring back the "ideal form" of beauty for the Emperor's delight. In this case, that ideal form is Helen of Troy. Faust falls in love with Helen.
An artificial human made by an alchemical process, the Homunculus, leads Faust and Mephistopheles to the "Classical Walpurgisnacht", where they encounter gods from Greek antiquity.
The third act describes Faust's lust for Helen, and describes their son, Euphorion. The son falls to his death at the end of the act, whereupon Helen also disappears.
In the fourth act, Faust returns to the emperor, who is at war with the Gegenkaiser. With the help of Mephistopheles' ordered ranks of Daemons they achieve victory.
Faust has nothing left but to tame nature itself. Upon disclosing his plans, Faust recognises the moment of sheer bliss which he would seek to prolong and drops dead. As a result, Mephistopheles believes Faust has lost his wager and tries to claim his soul.
A technicality in the text allows Faust's soul to be redeemed: Instead of saying to a particular moment, "Come on, last a while, you are so pleasant," Faust says that he might be able to say that to the moment. He does not actually claim to be satisfied.
However, as Goethe expresses in the final scene, Mephistopheles' handling of Faust permitted the latter to strive for something essentially positive and thus his soul could be saved. "Whoever strives in ceaseless toil, may obtain redemption". Thus as Mephistopheles gloats, angels descend and retrieve the immortal part of Faust's soul, providing redemption and ascension to the higher realm.

Faust is a guy who outwitted the Devil, and is badass.
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Origin of the Guild Name
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