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 Vales Scouting Data (Long Thread)

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Vales Scouting Data (Long Thread) Empty
PostSubject: Vales Scouting Data (Long Thread)   Vales Scouting Data (Long Thread) Icon_minitimeSun Aug 22, 2010 2:11 am

As you know Vales is the land of giants, being curious as an adventurer allied with Elves, I have decided to take a risky move, scout and Infiltrate Vales.

Vales Scouting Data (Long Thread) Mabinogi20100822001

As you can see there is a guard at the entrance however, I have noticed that they tend to get stuck often due to the huge ridges in the snow.

At the center of the town there will be around 5-6 Giant guards patrolling the area

And if you are within his line of sight (which is roughly 10 meters in front of him) he will chase after you. However you must take note that they run 1.5x faster then a human so having a mount such as a shire is suggested unless you are an elf. Also I have confirmed that they do not have a ranged attack (VIA throwing Javelins) only stomp, counter, defense, and most likely smash.

Vales Scouting Data (Long Thread) Mabinogi20100822003

What makes them very hard to run away from is that they are basically tanks, they have Magic shield, and you see this method down below. . .DOES NOT WORK KNOCK THEM BACK! Plus the will chase you for 300M before magically vanishing.

Vales Scouting Data (Long Thread) Mabinogi20100822005

And if you are hit, and lucky, you may end up on the run for your life.
Vales Scouting Data (Long Thread) Mabinogi20100822006

Also I was lucky enough to interview a giant that was seen "knocking down trees", their method proves a free weapon the broken Log!
Vales Scouting Data (Long Thread) Mabinogi20100822004

This map concludes my scouting report.

Vales Scouting Data (Long Thread) Vales

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Vales Scouting Data (Long Thread) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vales Scouting Data (Long Thread)   Vales Scouting Data (Long Thread) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 25, 2010 8:58 am

Cute. I liked the commentary. Hopefully you will fair better next time.
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Vales Scouting Data (Long Thread)
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